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How it works
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How it works


Tell us about your current energy supply


See how much you could save


Confirm and switch


We continue to monitor the market to make sure you are still on the best deal.

Mavis, 70, who lives on her own, was on a ‘special’ tariff for seniors. When that deal came to an end her supplier wanted to put up her monthly payments by over £20 a month.

She was worried about the increasing payments but because she wasn’t confident about using the internet, she came to us.

We found her an on-line deal with a new supplier, saving her £40 a month compared with what her previous supplier wanted to charge her. We are now helping her monitor the email communications with her new supplier, highlighting any important information that requires action.

How the service works

  1. You tell us about your current gas or electricity suppliers and your usage.
    • An easy way to do this is to send us a recent bill. We’ll copy and return it.
  2. We show you how much you could save – by using a specialist price comparison web site – accredited for accuracy by Consumer Focus. You can see your report online, and we will also send it to you by post or email.
  3. You choose the supplier and tariff you want – and provide the additional details needed for your switch. You then confirm your switch request which goes to our switching partners before passing to your new supplier. Your new supplier will take care of the rest including liaising with your current supplier.

    It doesn’t end there… When your switch has completed successfully,
  4. We continue to monitor the market to make sure you are on the best deal. If we find one we think you should look at, we will let you know. We can also take into account contract tie-ins, exit charges and bonuses