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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I access the service?

A. You can use the service in the way that suits you, with any combination of the following:

Online – using the web site
Available all the time

By telephone
We are available 9:30 to 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside of this time, use our callback request service. We call you back when it’s convenient to you.

By email
We can alert you to how much you could save and will act on your instructions.

By text message
Most of the alerts can go out in abbreviated form by text, and you can respond quickly in the same way.

By post or fax
You can send us your gas and electricity bills to check and return.

Or any combination of the above.

You don’t need internet access to use this service!
So if you know anyone who might be interested, please pass on our telephone number or address. Tel: 0345 130 3858 Optimise Bills 11 Culverhouse Way, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 3FG.

Click here to contact us.

Q. Where does our money come from?

A. We charge a percentage of the savings we find for you. We think that’s a fair way to spread out the costs of the service between all clients. That way no-one loses out by signing up to be a client.

We also hope to negotiate a commission from our switching partners that will offset our costs. So over time we are confident that our percentage fee rate will come down.

Q. Won’t I save more money by doing the switching myself?

If you are the sort of person who checks energy prices weekly you might just do better on your own.
However, you will need to get the timing of each switch exactly right. If you get the timing wrong by just one quarter (one bill) before you request a switch, you could pay 30-40% more than you need to in that year, which is much higher than our fees. And there’s your time and effort involved!

So the average person will do better with our help.

Click here to see an illustration.

Q. Shall I wait for your fees to reduce before I sign up?

A. No - for two reasons:

1. The earlier we get you onto a new deal, the earlier you start saving. Typically you could save £20 per month. If you wait another three months, you’ve spent £60 more than you need to!

2. If we reduce fees for new clients, we will reduce your fee rate immediately too, even if you originally signed up at a higher fee rate. We call this our price promise:

If we reduce our fees, it will be for our longest-standing clients first.

Q. Why would you reduce the price I’m happy to pay - after I’ve signed up?

A. We believe in treating all our customers equally well.

Lots of companies have special offers for new customers while they leave their existing customers on worse deals – and even prevent them from moving!

This practice might make them more money in the short term, but we don’t think it’s right. We believe our clients will be more loyal in the long run – which makes good business sense.

Q. Why do we make a charge when other web sites are free?

A. Because we aim to offer a more personal service, not just a one-off switch. So we need to cover the cost of providing these services. However, we expect the average person will do better with us than trying to remember when and how to switch. Click here to see how.

Q. Can I have the service without paying a fee?

A. You are welcome to use our price comparison and switching service for free, in common with other web sites. However, you won’t benefit from our alert service and all of the above.

We hope eventually you will decide to become a client, but until then you are welcome to use the free parts of the web site.